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Dog, cat, elephant and fish figurines – what should they look like to become a love of a lifetime instead of just a small accessory on the shelf? Anatoly Turov is one of the few who knows the answer. His collections are unique and cheerful, they have the mood, they can tell stories – not just show storylines. That is why they look so harmonious and beautiful wherever you put them. That is why they will make the best present for you, your relatives or colleagues.

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The best present for any occasion - Ceramic Figurines Ceramic figurines as a part of interior. Presents given with a soul.

Are you looking for a unique authentic present? Ceramic figurines by Turov Art are perfect solutions as gifts and interior design decorations

Thinking how to make your room interior vivid or what present to give to your friend or relative? Stylish decorative figurine is a perfect solution for any occasion. Ceramic figurines designed by Turov ART will not only match any interior, but they will also be a pleasant gift, which will remind its owner of your attention for long years. Turov ART creates unique stylish figurines of dogs, cats, elephants, cows and other animals of different styles and colors, which will match any interior. Each figurine is hand-crafted, and makes a universal gift, for it’s a classic solution, which never gets old. Our eramic figurines of animals do not only carry beautiful ornaments, but can also become symbolic gifts, for animals symbolize different human values – wisdom, generosity, kindness. Download the catalogue and select a design of a figurine and its size – each of them is symbolic, has its own spirit and soul. Anatoly Turov, their creator, makes his figurines with a lot of soul. He has obtained a degree at Moscow State University, working as an artist at the same time. Nowadays he takes part in multiple exhibitions, and his artworks, inspired with Russian designs, obtain high praises in Italy, America and Russia.